Cosplay costumes creating

“We can be heroes, just for one day.” This David Bowie quote like no other corresponds to the primary purpose of cosplay: to become a hero (read, character) for one day, entirely reincarnate in another person or even a creature.

If you are a video game fan, than cosplay idea must be close to you. Creation, customization, and embodiment of different game characters is a common thing to you, while you are playing. Maybe, the time has come to transfer your favorite personalities from the screen to the real life?


Always dreamed of becoming a Comic-con star?

Then let’s combine our efforts in portraying a computer game protagonist. Are you a 1980’s console games fan? We can dress you up as Mario or Sonic. Follow the latest novelties on the market and prefer masculine types? Let’s create a costume of Darth Vader or Terminator, which will get some rapturous reactions.

Creating a cosplay image is a unique possibility for all the video games fans to demonstrate your preferences in the gaming world and to incarnate your favorite character. Share the love for whoever or whatever you cosplaying with the other gamers!

What is cosplay costume creating service?

By ordering our service, you will get a high-quality costume in agreed terms to shine brightly in the gaming universe getting into a fictional creature.

Corsetry, tailoring, beading, prop-making - here is the list of skills needed for costume creation. And our team possess all the named and a bit more.

We adore video games. We like to play and discuss them. But most of all we like to try on images of our favorite characters. Some members of our team already visited more than 50 events, where they distinguished themselves with the qualitative cosplay of their favorite characters.

What kind of costume can you get?

With several years of experience in the field, our team sewed and collected more than 100 costumes of various characters of video games. Therefore, we offer a tailoring / creating exclusive cosplay costume for any character from video games*.

* By any character we mean only those whose proportions are close to human. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that, for example, a horse suit from Witcher 3 will meet your expectations.

Here is the list of characters whose costumes we've already created: Mario, Princess Peach, Sonic, Scorpion (Mortal Kombat), Liu Kang, Solid Snake, Bayonetta, Kirby, Kratos, Prince of Persia, Meat Boy (Super Meat Boy), Lara Croft, Kitana, Double Dragon Brothers, Link, Dante Devil May Cry), Gordon Freeman, Tidus (FFX), etc.

Check out our prices and proceed to request a costume design

  • Fabric-made
    A simple suit, consisting only of fabric. For example, the costume of Mario.
    Production time:
    up to 8 days
  • Combination of fabric and leather
    Costume, combining different fabrics and leather, of unusual shape. For example, the Bayonetta costume.
    Production time:
    up to 15 days.
    Obligatory fitting.
  • Fabric, leather, and plastic or metal
    A complicated suit, which is a cloth dressing with plenty of inserts of metal or plastic elements of unusual shape. For example, the costume of Sub-Zero
    Production time:
    up to 25 days.
    Obligatory fitting.
  • Plastics, steel, glass, and other materials
    Armored futuristic character costume. Dressing, mainly consisting of hard materials. For example, the costume of Master Chief
    Production time:
    up to 50 days.
    Obligatory fitting.
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Have any other idea?

If you are still hesitating or have any questions, contact us to find out more information about our service. Let’s bring your favorite character to life in the name of cosplay!

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